Global Slavery Index / Regional Findings


Climate: Climate change and human rights

Vanessa Nakate

In this essay, Vanessa Nakate, Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals and climate activist from Uganda, reminds us that the climate crisis is about the millions around the world who are bearing the brunt of the impacts of a warming planet.

Conflict: Surviving the unimaginable

Nadia Murad

Nadia Murad, a proud Yazidi woman, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador, shares her own escape from ISIS captivity and how it led to an unwavering pursuit of justice for her community and for survivors of sexual violence worldwide.

COVID-19: Controlling COVID-19, compounding injustice

A survivor collective in india

While many communities continue to grapple with the health and social impacts of the pandemic, members of a survivors’ collective in India have shared their experiences and recommendations on how to reverse the devastating rise in modern slavery.

Consumerism: The real price of our purchases

Nasreen Sheikh

Nasreen Sheikh – a former child labourer, forced marriage survivor, and a leader in the movement to end modern day slavery – reveals the ugly truth behind consumer culture, revealing the human cost that we so often choose to ignore.