Eradicating slavery from all supply chains

Modern slavery will never be ended unless we disrupt high-risk industries, leverage the financial sector and safeguard vulnerable workers.

Our targets

  • Reduce in total amount of goods ‘at-risk’ of being produced by forced labour.
  • The financial sector uses modern slavery metrics to screen their investment portfolios.
  • Increasing the percentage of companies meeting minimum reporting requirements under the UK and Australian Modern Slavery Acts.

Modern Slavery Benchmarking Tool

Walk Free’s online tool allows organisations to anonymously assess and benchmark how they are managing modern slavery risks in their operations and supply chains.

The results include a score, a list of steps they can take to improve, suggested disclosures and personalised information on risks relating to forced labour.


Bali Process Government and Business Forum

Harnessing the power of collaboration between government and business to eliminate modern slavery from global supply chains.


Business & Investor Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help businesses and investors take action to improve human rights standards in their supply chains and combat forced labour, human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery.


Strengthening supply chain transparency

Advocating for and strengthening modern slavery reporting and supply chain transparency.

Strengthening systems

Eradicating modern slavery requires strong governments, a committed international community, and measures to hold these systems to account.

Making modern slavery socially unacceptable

Modern slavery will never be eradicated unless we tackle the social norms and discrimination that drive these forms of exploitation.

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