Making modern slavery socially unacceptable

Making modern slavery socially unacceptable and changing the behaviours and social norms that drive modern slavery are critical to ending all forms of exploitation.

Our targets

  • Empower communities to increase the number of lives impacted by front line interventions. 
  • Shift attitudes and practices to decrease child marriage.
  • Invest in women and girls to see a decline in global gender inequality.
  • Shift attitudes and social norms to increase demand for consumers for slavery-free goods.

Global Freedom Network

Harnessing the faith community to drive impact through empathy.


The Freedom Fund

Frontline efforts to end modern slavery in countries where it is most prevalent.


Women and Girls

Women and girls are disproportionately affected by modern slavery, accounting for 54 per cent of the 49.6 million people living in modern slavery.

Strengthening systems

Eradicating modern slavery requires strong governments, a committed international community, and measures to hold these systems to account.

Eradicating slavery from all supply chains

Our interconnected world has increased the risk of exploitation throughout global supply chains — we must tackle these hidden forms of exploitation to eradicate modern slavery.

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