Strengthening systems

Core to the eradication of modern slavery is holding governments and international bodies to account and protecting vulnerable populations.

Our targets

  • Dismantle unequal power structures
  • Hold governments to account by tracking their progress
  • Increase number of major intergovernmental organisations and donors which integrate effective anti-slavery measures into their assistance programs

The Global Slavery Index

Measuring the extent and risk of modern slavery and the effectiveness of our global efforts to end it.


Global Estimates of Modern Slavery

Measuring the global and regional extent of modern slavery, jointly produced by the International Labour Organization, in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration.


Promising Practices

Curating a comprehensive global database of anti-slavery practices and outcomes to establish what works in the fight against modern slavery.

Eradicating slavery from all supply chains

Our interconnected world has increased the risk of exploitation throughout global supply chains — we must tackle these hidden forms of exploitation to eradicate modern slavery.

Making modern slavery socially unacceptable

Modern slavery will never be eradicated unless we tackle the social norms and discrimination that drive these forms of exploitation.

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