How we work

We invest our time and resources to drive behaviour and legislative change, to try and improve the lives of the estimated 40 million people living in modern slavery today.

Undertaking research to build the world’s most comprehensive modern slavery evidence base.

Our mission, to tackle one of the world’s most complex human rights issues, requires serious strategic thinking. We approach this challenge by integrating world class research with direct engagement with some of the world’s most influential governments, businesses and religious leaders.

Syrian refugees fleeing from war, work on agricultural farms in the Bekaa Valley for 15 hours a day during summer, earning a maximum of $8USD per day.

Photo credit: Eva Parey/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

Walk Free by Numbers

34 reports

Modern slavery reports created since 2011

4th edition

Published four editions of the Global Slavery Index

9+ years

Over 9 years of fighting to reduce labour exploitation


Undertaking research to build the world’s most comprehensive modern slavery evidence base. We tackle big research questions such as: how many people are living in modern slavery, what makes people vulnerable, what are governments doing to respond, and what works to eradicate modern slavery.


Using our evidence base to inform and influence government, business, faith leaders and civil society. We advocate for change for those without a voice.


Collaborating with governments, businesses, international organisations, and communities to tackle modern slavery. We invest in frontline organisations that have proven impact.

We take innovative approaches to tackle one of the most complex global human rights issues of our time

No country in the world is exempt from modern slavery. Regardless of size, population or wealth, this insidious crime permeates national borders and global supply chains.

We proudly and courageously call for change in places that others don’t consider, are unable or unwilling to go. We pioneer new approaches, invest in important projects and carry out research that reinforces the need for change and explains to others how they can make the greatest impact.

What we’re doing to eradicate modern slavery

Strengthening Systems

Core to the eradication of modern slavery is holding governments and international bodies to account and protecting vulnerable populations.

Making modern slavery socially unacceptable

Modern slavery will never be eradicated unless we tackle the social norms and discrimination that drive these forms of exploitation.

Eradicating slavery from all supply chains

Our interconnected world has increased the risk of exploitation throughout global supply chains – we must hold tackle these hidden forms of exploitation to eradicate modern slavery.

“Modern slavery is not something that happens ‘over there’ that we don’t have to think about. If we care about the people who make our products we can make a difference.”

– Walk Free co-founder Grace Forrest, Vogue Australia, July 2018



Strengthening supply chain transparency

Advocating for and strengthening modern slavery reporting and supply chain transparency.


Global Freedom Network

Harnessing the faith community to drive impact through empathy.


The Global Slavery Index

Measuring the extent and risk of modern slavery and the effectiveness of our global efforts to end it.