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Empowering faith leaders against modern slavery with the Western Australian version of the Faith for Freedom app.

Kenyan advocacy on child and forced marriage:

A guide for faith leaders

This report provides practical guidance to empower faith leaders to conduct advocacy to strengthen responses to forced and child marriage in Kenya.


Faith for freedom app

Learn more about the Faith For Freedom app, the first mobile app designed to teach faith leaders about modern slavery and help them engage their communities on this important topic.

global freedom network

Modern slavery covers a set of specific legal concepts including forced labour, debt bondage, forced marriage, slavery and slavery-like practices, and human trafficking.



Global Freedom Network is the faith-based arm of Walk Free, an international human rights group working to accelerate the end of all forms of modern slavery.

our journey

From the inaugural signing of the Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery in 2014, to launching the Faith For Freedom app in 2022, Global Freedom Network has increased its impact through partnerships, events and bringing religious leaders together to tackle modern slavery.


Global Freedom Network partners with other organisations to work together towards ending modern slavery. We are always expanding our network of partners with the aim of increasing awareness, understanding, impact and action.

faith for freedom

Faith For Freedom is a free app for faith leaders to help identify and address modern slavery and keep their congregations and communities safe.

History of Global Freedom Network

Learn how our partnership with faith leaders and communities over nine years is combatting modern slavery.

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