The Freedom Fund

Frontline efforts to end modern slavery in countries where it is most prevalent.

Photo Credit: Christopher Pillitz. Getty Images.

Who is the Freedom Fund?

The Freedom Fund is a leader in the global effort to eradicate one of the great human rights challenges we face – modern slavery. Co-founded by Walk Free in 2013, the Freedom Fund works with a variety of state and non-state actors to tackle the many forms of modern slavery and mobilise the knowledge, capital and will to make it history, for good.

Taking action

The Freedom Fund has its boots firmly on the frontline, partnering with organisations to combat slavery in regions where it is most highly concentrated. Hot-spot projects address geographical regions with high levels of slavery, while global initiatives include multinational programs such as a mental health support scheme for survivors. It tackles the global systems that allow modern slavery to continue, and empower the anti-slavery movement by providing the tools and knowledge needed to effect change.

Why it acts

Slavery is an injustice that deeply harms its victims and cripples economic development. No person should be forced to live in servitude and no nation should accept it. The Freedom Fund works to protect vulnerable populations, liberate and reintegrate those enslaved, and prosecute the ones responsible.

Freedom Fund targets

  • Research anti-slavery efforts globally to develop a framework for coordination.
  • Build a community of abolitionists dedicated to sharing their resources and ideas to end modern slavery.
  • Raise $100 million for investment into anti-slavery initiatives and to directly intervene in slavery “hotspots”.


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