What is the Federation of Faith Leaders?

Global Freedom Network believes passionately that in the interconnected but unequal world we live in, faith leaders can play a crucial role in supporting governments and societies navigate the most complex problems that the 21st century throws at us.


We decided after meeting with faith leaders in Ghana that we needed a single platform so that faith leaders can share best practices and collaborate on work they do within their countries.

Signatories to the Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery may join this international group of faith leaders so they may build a community of ethical leadership in the fight against modern slavery.

Faith leaders in Ghana and Kenya have already cooperated on several initiatives and plan to continue their valuable work together:

  • December 2021: International Migration Day Campaign run in Ghana.
  • June 2022: Global Freedom Network designed posters, flyers, and social media posts to raise awareness of the issue in Ghana and bring it to the attention of government agencies, other authorities, and those who may be at risk of trafficking. 1000 posters were printed and distributed in buses and public transport stations. The campaign was launched at an event attended by representatives from the Ghana Police Service, faith leaders and the media. It was promoted by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit and local faith leaders, who have a powerful voice in their communities.
  • June 2023: Global Freedom Network, Walk Free, and the Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, in consultation with theologians and faith leaders, developed and launched ‘Kenyan advocacy on child and forced marriage: A guide for faith leaders’. Key advocacy messages that draw on Christian, Hindu, and Islamic teachings are highlighted throughout the guide to support faith leader advocacy.
  • July 2023: Global Freedom Network designed posters, flyers, and social media posts to raise awareness of the issue in Ghana and through local faith partners, brought those messages to the attention of community members. More than 5000 posters were printed and distributed around Ghana. Faith leaders raised awareness of this issue in their communities, through their sermons and informal community engagement. Through this, faith leaders raised awareness that modern slavery is a moral issue that the faith community must combat, and also opened the door for community members to confidentially approach leaders with any concerns or questions.
  • Since launching the Faith For Freedom app in early 2022, Global Freedom Network has been working with its partners across Africa to produce more regional resources and expand the app’s reach as well as incorporating organisations into the referral pathways program.

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Global Freedom Network and our partners create assets and resources that help faith leaders, their teams and faith-based organisations understand modern slavery and empower them to take action in their communities. Explore our library of resources and see our work in action.

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