government Engagement workshop

A free online resource for faith leaders to learn how to effectively engage with government to combat modern slavery.

Global Freedom Network’s Government Engagement Workshop provides valuable tools to faith leaders and equips them to advocate more effectively for human rights issues.

The Workshop was originally delivered in person in October 2022, when Global Freedom Network team members visited Kenya (Nairobi and Mombasa), South Africa and Ghana. These workshops brought together almost 200 faith and community leaders, who received training on how to build on their public policy skills and engage with state actors on human rights issues.

The workshop is now available online as an interactive resource with videos from faith leaders and activities for participants to test their understanding of the content.

workshop objectives and outline

Driving positive change is a very complex task, especially given the inherent diversity in modern societies. As a result, participation and engagement with government from all actors in a given society has been proven to be the most effective way to achieve lasting change. Faith leaders and faith-based actors have shown across the world that they can be great allies in effecting lasting change by helping state actors design and ground policy instruments and tools. Faith leaders therefore need to be empowered with the skills and means to engage with government and policy makers in order to work together to drive social change.

Introduction session:
About modern slavery

The introductory session includes general information about modern slavery and sets the scene for faith leader advocacy around this issue.

Session 1:

Session 1 examines the role of the state and the government in decision-making and setting legislation.

Session 2:
Civil society

Session 2 gives an overview of civil society organisations, the role of faith and the relationship between NGOs, civil society and government.

Session 3:
Methods of engaging government

Session 3 explores the various ways of engaging with government and the knowledge, skills and qualities required to do this effectively.

Session 4:
Tools for government engagement

Session 4 provides faith leaders with the practical tools required to develop a plan and framework for engaging with government, how to leverage partnerships for change and developing effective thought leadership.