35.8 MILLION people enslaved worldwide

8.3 MILLION people fighting to end it

and our partner organisations in the fight to end modern slavery

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Your action powers the movement of millions of people around the world to end modern slavery. By joining us, you can make sure your voice is heard. Stand together with a united community and be the generation that helps ends modern slavery.

Our Community

"We can not rest on our laurels. We have to keep going."
Hans Leo J Cacdac, POEA Administrator, after receiving 4000 petition signatures from Walk Free and Visayan Forum
"You ask yourself - what can one person do? But when we all join together, we are a mighty army of millions and with one vote we say: stop modern slavery now."
"I value the action and commitment of Walk Free supporters."
Jenny Marra - Member of the Scottish Parliament
"Thank you for enabling activists such as myself to better exercise political power in the advancement of humanistic causes."
"All of us united can eradicate slavery at this moment of history. Nothing can stop us when the wind of justice is blowing so hard."

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Slavery Facts

35.8 million

people are enslaved worldwide


are subject to forced labour

Nearly 1 in 5

victims of slavery is a child

over half

victims of slavery are women and girls

Walk Free Partner Network

We support organisations around the world by adding the power of the Movement to their calls for change to end slavery.