Modern slavery may be a global problem, but it is not an intractable one. Together we can be the last generation living with the man-made problem of slavery.

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Get informed

Learn about modern slavery and its core drivers.

Champion accountability

Become an advocate and help us champion for new policies to protect all people.

Demand transparency

Ensure no one is harmed in producing the clothes you wear, the food you eat and the technology we rely on.

Support the frontline

Donate to our community partners.

Get informed

We conservatively estimate 49.6 million people around the world are living in modern slavery. That is more than any other time in human history.

Champion accountability

At school / university

Consider how you and your classmates and teachers can get involved in the fight to end modern slavery.

At work

No industry is slavery-free, but the way it manifests can be very different.

At your place of worship

Ask your faith leaders to prepare religious services on modern slavery or guest speakers.

With your government

Vote for leaders that will prioritise modern slavery. Want to know how your government is performing?

Campaigns you can support right now with the click of a button

Girls Not Brides

Stand with women and girls

Labour Behind the Label

Tell brands to protect their workers

Amnesty International

End kafala: Justice for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon

Freedom United

Stand with women and girls

Romanian girls dressed as brides in cages march in row in central Bucharest during a promotional event for the movie Daca Bobul nu moare (If the Seed Doesn’t Die) by Sinisa Dragin, drawing attention to the dangers of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

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Demand transparency

As a consumer, you have more power than you realise. Each and every one of us has an opportunity to raise our voices to ensure exploitation doesn’t continue as a normalised standard in global supply chains.

Not sure what to say? Use this template to reach out to your favourite brands.

Dear [business name],

I am your customer/a potential customer, and I love your products.

However, I am concerned that I couldn’t find information on how your products are made and whether the workers who made them are treated with dignity. Due diligence and transparency are key to ending modern slavery in supply chains.

Could you please therefore tell me what your business is doing to ensure that workers in your supply chain are not experiencing modern slavery, including forced labour?

I encourage you to visit Walk Free’s Business and Investor Toolkit designed to help you take action to improve human rights standards in supply chains and combat forced labour, human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery.

[Your name]

Search your favourite brands

Who made my clothes?

Support the frontline

Donate to existing initiatives, projects, or organisations, particularly those which are community or survivor led.

This is Lebanon

Support domestic workers in the Middle East

Freedom Fund

Support the eradication of modern slavery in hotspots around the world

Survivor Alliance

Empower survivors around the world

Featured report

Stacked Odds

One in every 130 females globally is living in modern slavery. Our new report examines how females are vulnerable to modern slavery throughout their life cycle.

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