06 Aug 2021

Freedom in your hands

World-first app for faith leaders to fight modern slavery

Reverend Father Lazarus Anondee and Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu exploring the Faith for Freedom app.

The first smartphone app designed especially for faith leaders to fight modern slavery and human trafficking has been launched by Walk Free and the Global Freedom Network at a gathering of religious leaders in Ghana.

The Faith For Freedom app was developed in collaboration with a panel of faith leaders and creates an information bridge between those who may witness human trafficking and those in authority who can take action.

Franca Pellegrini, director of the Global Freedom Network, the faith-based arm of international human rights group Walk Free, said faith leaders were in a unique position to see into the hearts of their communities.

“This a practical tool designed for and developed by faith leaders to assist with their important work addressing modern slavery in their congregations and communities,” Ms Pellegrini said.

“We are using modern technology to address an age-old problem.”

Modern slavery is an umbrella term which includes human trafficking, domestic servitude, the worst forms of child labour and forced and child marriage.

She said the app would help faith leaders identify, assess and act when they saw instances of modern slavery.

It was developed in close consultation with a panel of faith leaders and the result was an app which suited the unique needs of religious leaders, their assistants and staff.

“This app links faith leaders with social workers and law enforcement and provides practical advice on how to identify, assess and act on instances of modern slavery, and how to engage with congregations on this subject.

“I am very grateful for the deep insights and advice from the panel of Ghanaian faith leaders who advised on the app’s design and content.”

Ms Pellegrini said the first version of the app had been created for Ghana, with more country profiles to follow. The app also has a universal profile which makes it a vital tool accessible to faith leaders anywhere in the world.

The Faith For Freedom app is free to download now from the Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. Visit faithforfreedom.org to learn more.