23 Aug 2023

Government and business unite in Bali to combat human trafficking and modern slavery in the digital space

Government and business leaders met at the Bali Process Government and Business Forum (GABF) Tech Forum 2023 in Bali to explore technology-driven solutions against human trafficking and modern slavery.

Adaro Energy CEO Garibaldi Thohir
Adaro Energy CEO Garibaldi Thohir with Minderoo Chairman and Founder Dr Andrew Forrest Photo Credit: Herka Yanis Pangaribowo.

The forum focused on ways to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery in the region, including using media and digital technology platforms.

The event considered the role of technology as both a driver of and a potential solution to the modern slavery, human trafficking and forced labour crisis in the Bali Process region, and ways for governments and businesses to collaborate.

The Bali Tech Forum grew from rising concern by governments and businesses across the region about the use and misuse of technology as a facilitator of human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery. 

There has been growing recognition that technology is essential for businesses to identify and address forced labour and human trafficking risks in supply chains.

Government and Business Tech Forum 2023

Walk Free travelled to Bali, Indonesia to join governments, media, film, and tech companies to listen, to learn, to find solutions. Photo Credit: Herka Yanis Pangaribowo.

The forum reviewed how technology can implement the Acknowledge. Act. Advance Recommendations pathway. This strengthens supply chain transparency, ethical recruitment, worker protection, and redress mechanisms.

Recommended next steps to help end human trafficking and modern slavery

  • Share best practices, lessons, and experiences related to transparent and accountable recruitment and ethical supply chain.
  • Consider developing a due diligence standard on business and human rights. This requires companies to report on measures taken to tackle human trafficking and forced labour.
  • Use tech solutions such as supply chain mapping and worker voice technology to identify and address supply chain risks. Safeguards and avenues for workers’ protection should also be provided.
  • Support young people with developing technology to combat fraudulent recruitment practices, promote fair treatment, and support transparent supply chains.
  • Encourage social media companies and stakeholders to work together to raise awareness about false job ads.
  • Create joint actions between governments and businesses to aid private sectors to practice ethical recruitment, supply chain transparency, and worker protections.
  • Advise the government to strengthen and implement policy and legislation. Encouraging the private sector to conduct ethical business policies and practices.
  • Support a comprehensive approach to law enforcement, including the identification of perpetrators and victims.
  • Strengthen the network among businesses in the region to address human trafficking and forced labour.
Indonesian singer Cinta Laura Kiehl

Indonesian singer Cinta Laura Kiehl was one of the speakers at the event, which ran from 9-11 August 2023 Photo Credit: Herka Yanis Pangaribowo.

The next generation of business leaders must be engaged to both raise awareness and contribute to solutions to tackle these issues. 

Walk Free would like to thank all the attendees as well as to the Government of Indonesia and Adaro for organising and hosting the forum.