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Help End Modern Slavery in the Thai Fishing Industry


April 2015: This action is now closed. We want to say a huge thank you to all those who supported this campaign and spoke up against the spread of modern slavery in the Thai Fishing industry.

Slavery at sea continues to be one of our biggest challenges, and there is much more that needs to be done before we can guarantee that our seafood is slavery-free. We will continue to monitor this issue and look for further opportunities to make a difference. Please get in touch at if you would like to know more.

September  2014: Walmart has now joined Tesco and signed up to Project Issara in line with our asks. Pressure is increasing on Costco and Carrefour to commit to take action to end modern slavery in the Thai fishing industry.

June 2014: Tesco has agreed to take the steps outlined to help end forced labour in Thailand's seafood industry. The three other big retailers -- Walmart, Costco and Carrefour -- are still yet to commit. Tell them to join Tesco in showing the leadership needed to eliminate modern slavery in the Thai fishing industry.

“They sold us like animals, but we are not animals – we are human beings” – Vuthy, a former monk from Cambodia who was sold from captain to captain on Thai fishing ships.1

A six-month investigation by The Guardian has found that the Thai fishing industry is “built on slavery”, with trafficked workers enduring 20-hour shifts, regular beatings, torture and execution-style killings. Some are even driven to suicide, all to support the flow of cheap farmed prawns and shrimp sold around the world.

And the revelations don’t end there.  Three big global retailers — Walmart, Carrefour and Costco — were all named as customers of a seafood supplier in Thailand with proven links to slavery. Which means that prawns and shrimp whose production relies upon slave labour might well end up in your shopping basket.

Call on the two big retailers to help eliminate modern slavery in the Thai fishing industry by:

  • Joining Thailand-based initiative Project Issara,2 co-ordinated by Anti-Slavery International, designed to eliminate modern slavery from the Thai seafood industry; and
  • Enforcing their zero tolerance policies on forced labour by independently inspecting their Thai supply chain for modern slavery and publishing their findings.

By sending a strong message to the two major retailers, we can help ensure that the 300,000 people working in Thailand’s fishing industry are treated as human beings, not slaves.

Anti-Slavery International


Please help us continue our fight against slavery in Thailand by calling for justice for anti-slavery activist Andy Hall