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The Partner Network harnesses the power of the Walk Free Movement to successfully influence change sought by frontline organisations to permanently end modern slavery.

                                        Partners are organisations the Walk Free Movement has supported through campaign action.
                                        Partnerships do not equal mutual endorsement outside joint campaigns.

                                        Our Vision

                                        We envisage a world where ending slavery is a global priority and organisations across the globe are united, coordinated, and empowered to successfully impact legislative, corporate, and social change around the slavery problem.

                                        How We Work

                                        We work closely in partnership with leading anti-slavery organisations around the world to leverage the Walk Free Movement’s support to secure change.

                                        Campaign Tools

                                        We offer our partners several easy to apply briefs setting out aspects of campaign theory. Testing these principles ensures our campaigns have the best chance of success. 

                                        To view/download these briefs please email


                                        What can I do?

                                        If you're not part of an organisation you can be part of the Walk Free movement by signing up using the 'Join Us' link in the top right corner of our website.

                                        In which countries do we operate?

                                        The Walk Free Partner Network has partnerships with organisations in: Australia, Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. We are also establishing partnerships in Argentina and Lebanon, with plans for further expansion.

                                        Who are the partners?

                                        Organisations that the Movement has supported through campaign action to end modern slavery are part of the Walk Free Partner Network.

                                        How can my organisation join the Partner Network?

                                        If your organisation works towards ending modern slavery in the countries listed above, and has a campaign proposal, then get in touch by emailing

                                        What is a campaign?

                                        For us campaigns mean opportunities for people to get involved and take action when the power of many will help secure change towards ending slavery. Through campaigning you get the opportunity to creatively illustrate the facts of slavery issues and also to adopt innovative strategies to fight to end slavery through both online and on the ground action.

                                        How have we made a difference?

                                        We work with partners to build campaigns that have helped secure stronger protections from trafficking for children in UK law, resulted in the closure of recruitment agencies in Philippines that were trafficking citizens abroad, and change attitudes in the home to end slavery of domestic workers in India and Jordan.