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Our Impact

We began after an investigation into the antislavery landscape found there was no one single galvanising global antislavery voice. We set up the Walk Free platform to bring together the voices of the hundreds of effective organisations doing invaluable work on the ground, and citizens around the world mobilised to take action, to spark social change so that modern slavery becomes unthinkable.


The Walk Free Movement works towards achieving three core objectives:

1. Enforcement of policies, laws and programmes that ensures the safety
and empowerment of victims and persons at risk, and deters slavery
2. Modern slavery is socially unacceptable in every country in the world
3. No business provides goods or services affected by modern slavery


34 Campaign Successes

Working with our partners, the Movement’s actions have led to intergovernmental institutions, at least 12 governments, and 8 businesses agreeing to implement a change asked for in our campaigns.

Amongst our 34 campaign wins, the UK government included provisions on corporate reporting in modern slavery legislation, ending modern slavery was added to the Sustainable Development Goals, and over a hundred unscrupulous recruitment agencies putting Filipino migrant workers at risk of trafficking were closed.

53 Partner Organisations

The Walk Free Movement turbo charges the power of our partner organisations around the world to reach millions of activists who harness their collective power in bringing a spotlight to modern slavery issues these organisations work on, using its influence at key moments to support a campaign as it reaches its tipping point.

Our partners are organisations the Movement has supported through campaign action. Through the Walk Free Partner Network organisations can sharpen their campaign skills and coordinate their actions to maximise impact.

More than 2 million email subscribers

Well over 2 million people have joined our Movement by taking action on one of our campaigns. We engage with the Movement through email on campaigns and updates globally, and with actions specific to our key focus countries.

The growth of our email subscription list is in line with the increase in media reporting on modern slavery highlighting the value of the Walk Free platform as a tool for people to feel empowered to use their voice to demand change.

6 million Facebook followers

Our Facebook followers are spread throughout the world reflecting our global Movement. Through Facebook, our actions with partners regularly reach hundreds of thousands of Movement supporters in India, Indonesia, Philippines, the UK and USA with over 10,000 followers in a further 40 countries.

Our Facebook page provides our community with an interactive platform to share their views, beliefs and commitment to the fight against slavery.

Over 200 offline events

Through our platform we organise the power of the Movement through a variety of means. As well as signing petitions or emailing campaigns targets through our website, members of the Movement attend events, meet their political representative and take other action offline.

For example, Movement supporters in South Korea joined us and our partners to hand in petition signatures to Daewoo, calling on the company to withdraw its cotton business from Uzbekistan whilst its citizens are forced to bring in the harvest under threat.

7000 freedom leaders

Freedom Leaders volunteer their time and skills to the fight to end slavery helping make our campaigns even more powerful, for example through contributing their creative and language skills to our work, designing Facebook posts and translating copy. Our Freedom Leaders are the most committed and deeply engaged of our Movement supporters.