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Walk Free has the very ambitious – but critically important – goal of ending modern slavery, in every country, and in all its forms. We believe the pathway to ending modern slavery is building a mass movement of people campaigning around the world, to build public awareness and mobilise decision-makers to make ending slavery a priority.

Our Community

"I value the action and commitment of Walk Free supporters."
Jenny Marra - Member of the Scottish Parliament
"Campaign organisations should look to them as examples of excellence in public campaigning."
Jenny Marra, Member of Scottish Parliament
"We can not rest on our laurels. We have to keep going."
Hans Leo J Cacdac, POEA Administrator, after receiving 4000 petition signatures from Walk Free and Visayan Forum
"We applaud the Walk Free Movement for their work to eliminate forced labour in Brazil and for the making of the anti-slavery week."
Paulo Buffalo - Campinas City Parliament, Brazil
"Thank you for enabling activists such as myself to better exercise political power in the advancement of humanistic causes."

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of movement members would be less likely to buy a product if they found out it was made with forced labour


of movement members think that government action is most important to ending modern slavery