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I believe our generation can build a world without slavery.

A world where it is unthinkable for one human being to be treated like someone else’s property.

A world where those who coerce or deceive people into forced labour or steal other people’s freedoms are brought to justice.

A world where everyone can walk free.

I commit to mobilise governments, businesses and communities to end modern slavery.

Across the globe, an estimated 45.8 million people are currently living in modern slavery. Stripped of their dignity and humanity; forced to work effectively without pay; trapped behind bars and worse. The world’s most vulnerable sentenced to a lifetime of rape, abuse and extreme labour.

Those who perpetuate modern slavery count on our silence to drive their profits. They survive on secrecy and stigma. Without the attention of world leaders, they have been able to enslave more people today than at any point in history.

If we take a stand now, we can make ending slavery a global priority, ensuring those trapped in the silent web of slavery are not ignored.