Daewoo: help end Uzbek cotton slavery

You may have heard of Daewoo cars or electronics but did you know that Daewoo is the largest processor of slave labour picked Uzbek cotton?

17 citizens lost their lives as a result of the last cotton harvest in Uzbekistan. The tragic losses include Murod Melikuziev, a 57-year-old who died of a heart attack while picking cotton in the place of his grandson, and two children who died in a fire at their home while their mother was forced into the fields.1

Daewoo has continued doing business in Uzbekistan even after publicly acknowledging that the Uzbek government uses forced labour to produce the cotton it buys and processes.2 Call on Daewoo to send a strong message to the Uzbek government that forced labour cannot continue by:

  • stopping operations in Uzbekistan until the International Labour Organization has verified this practice has ended.
  • publicly pledging its opposition to the Uzbek government’s forced labour system.


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